The Future of Nordic Youth in Rural Regions: A Cross-national Qualitative Longitudinal Study in four Nordic Countries 

The unique project examines the future of rural youth in four Nordic countries, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark. It builds on unique longitudinal data with 196 rural young people, representing ten geographically and socioeconomically divergent rural regions. Ageing and depopulation of rural areas constitute and acute challenge for all Nordic societies. By drawing on qualitative and quantitative data the project opens a multidimensional perspective to the lived experiences, future orientations and process of belonging in rural places.

The multidisciplinary project brings together fields of history, sociology, education, geography, and cultural studies. The consortium involves University of Jyväskylä in Finland (coordinator), Umeå University in Sweden, Oslo Metropolitan University in Norway, and The Rockwool Foundation in Denmark.

The project is funded by Future Challenges in the Nordics - People, Culture and Society -programme.

Project news:

Postdoctoral Researcher Lauri Julkunen's study Youth and changing rural regions in the Nordic countries: an overview of history and research priorities summarises previous research and historical knowledge on rural youth across four Nordic countries, Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark from the early 20th century to the 2020s.

The Future of Nordic Youth in Rural Regions seeks to examine how rural young people envision the future of their regions; what kinds of dreams, hopes, worries, and possible future solutions they envision. For this purpose the project organizes 16 workshops in the four participating countries.The series of workshops was started this week in Finland!...