Contemplating Qualitative Longitudinal Research: Temporalities, Theories and Methods 

10.-11. June 2024 Helsinki, Finland

The House of Science and Letters

Qualitative longitudinal research (QLR) is a diverse and rich methodology that opens unique possibilities to capture the processual nature and diversity of human life. QLR refers to a wide variety of studies in which researchers using qualitative methods follow the same individuals over a series of time points. It has become increasingly popular among researchers who seek holistic, in-depth approaches. Building on a nuanced understanding of how phenomena change over time, longitudinal studies seek to keep track of continuity and change in 'real time', providing insights into the impact of social change on individuals' and social groups' lives. However, qualitative studies covering longer periods of time often involve specific theoretical and methodological challenges—challenges that are sometimes in conflict with mainstream disciplinary practices, that call for interdisciplinary collaboration and that demand ethical sensitivity.

This conference seeks to bring together scholars across disciplinary boundaries to discuss advantages and challenges of QLR methodology and to explore theories useful for understanding continuity and change in social lives. The conference aims to foster dialogues across and in between disciplinary and paradigmatic divides. We invite engagement with such questions as: What is QLR? What kind of knowledge about individuals, groups and societies does the longitudinal gaze produce? How can we conceptualise time and temporality in longitudinal research? What are the opportunities, affordances and challenges that QLR presents to researchers? What kinds of ethical challenges does the longitudinal approach pose, and how should we respond to them?

The conference seeks to provide an inspiring arena for networking for researchers working with a vast variety of research topics and disciplines, such as cultural studies, sociology, social policy, education, human geography, philosophy, history and health sciences. We welcome submissions from researchers at all stages of their careers, including doctoral researchers.

Preliminary programme

Preliminary programme with abstracts has now been published. You can review it here.

Monday June 10th 

Tuesday June 11th

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10. - 11. June 2024 Conference

The conference is organised in cooperation with Nordic Youth Research Symposium - Nyris 2024 held at June 12-14th, 2024, Tampere, Finland