Cooperating projects by country

The Future of Nordic Youth in Rural Regions builds on previous national and regional qualitative longitudinal studies in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark:

Finland: Projects Rural Generations on the Move. Cultural History of Rural Youth, 1950-2020 (2019-2024) and My Countryside - Intergenerationality, place and gender (2021-2025) involve a qualitative follow up of young adults from  sparsely populated regions in Eastern, Central and Northern Finland. Both projects are based at the University of Jyväskylä, department of History and Ethnology.

Norway: Inequality in Youth – A Qualitative, Longitudinal Research Database (2018-2024) is a qualitative, longitudinal research database on young people in Norway, parallel to the quantitative Ungdata surveys. The Database is based at the Norwegian Social Research NOVA, Oslo Metropolitan University.

Sweden: Youth in transitions - a Qualitative longitudinal study on education and career trajectories among young people in rural Sweden  (2021-2024) explores how young people from rural environments in Norrland navigate their way in education and the labourmarket over time. The Study is based at Umeå University, departments of Geography and Applied Educational Science Research.

Denmark: A Future of Staying? A Qualitative Longitudinal Study of the Everyday Life of Marginalised Youth Living in Rural Areas in Denmark (2020-2023) focused on the living conditions of young adults in the outlying areas of Southern Jutland and Northwest Zealand. The project was based at the VIVE Danish Center for Social Science Research and University of Aalborg.